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Ticket Sales Business Insurance

Ticket sales are a high-risk enterprise. Sales depend on the availability of the performers, event organizers, and the dependability of the box office, all of which are variables and nothing more.

If any of the third parties related to your business fail to ensure that the show goes on, whether it’s a delay or a cancellation, businesses lose substantial financial investments.

Full refund requests not only impact business sales but also sully the prospect of doing business in the future with a large group of customers.

Recommended POLICIES

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Property Coverage
  • Loss of Income Coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage

We will find the best coverage at the best price for your specific business and needs.


Why have a Ticket Sales Insurance?

Because customer relationships are one of the most important factors in maintaining consistent ticket sales at your venue, it is important to have ticket insurance in the event that you are unable to fulfill the promise made during the sale.

Small Business Liability is a specialty general liability insurance company, whose goal is to provide our customers with personalized insurance that meets their needs and gives them the peace of mind they seek from insurance coverage.

If the curtain cannot open, it might not be your fault. But in the eyes of the customer, your establishment is responsible. Stay covered and prevent mishaps like this by working with Small Business Liability to protect your ticket sales establishment..

Why have a Ticket Sales Insurance

5 Best Reasons to Get Ticket Sales Business Insurance

Protect Your Reputation

Insurance protects against employees misrepresenting your company.

Plan For The Future

Insurance protects against unforeseen risks.

Lawsuit Protection

Vital protection in a litigious society.

Prevent Financial Ruin

Insurance helps your business survive disaster.

Get Peace of Mind

Insurance protects the little guy

More about Ticket Sales Business Insurance

In most states, municipal or statewide regulation requires businesses to have some sort of business owner’s policy to enforce customers satisfaction in all situations, as well as guarantee that a business doesn’t immediately experience legal issues that force them to close up permanently. Even in states where liability insurance coverage is optional,  it is nonetheless very important to make sure you have it – that way claims are processed smoothly and business income is covered.

Ticket sales insurance is a type of general liability insurance that covers third parties (including customers) in the event of an accident. In this business, this generally includes event cancellations and ticket refunds.

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Some More Specific Examples of What This Entails are Listed Below

  • Cyber liability, as your establishment takes payments via MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express on a daily basis
  • Personal information liability, such as customer phone numbers and online sales history
  • Reputational damage is done to a client or a third party on your premises
  • The cost of refunding ticket prices when ticket buyers are insistent about refunds
  • Your refund policy in the case that the refund requests are very high or costly
  • Loss of business due to upcoming event cancellation
  • The personal injury is done to a performer, either in person or indirectly, such as a lapse in professional judgment on social media
  • The bodily injury is done to a customer or third party
  • Property damage is done to a customer or third party’s property

Let The Buyer Beware, However. Liability Insurance Does Not Cover

If you are in need of coverage that general liability can’t provide, don’t worry. There are different options Small Business Liability offers which include umbrella insurance policies and packages that can consolidate everything you need into one single, affordable rate. Opting for a package like this can ensure your company saves big, not only in the event of a liability claim but also on insurance packages that would be far costlier if they were obtained one by one across a variety of agencies.

Natural disasters or “acts of god” and their resulting damages

Earlier purchasing decisions that cause trouble after obtaining this type of insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance

Employee benefits

For more information, contact one of Small Business Liability’s knowledgeable licensed insurance agents today to get started. They’ll offer the best pricing on a range of insurance products to give you the best protection for a fraction of the cost. That way the show must, and always will, go on!

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