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New Opportunities For Automotive Repair Shops

As an auto repair shop owner, how do you know that you are in the right business? Let’s look at the facts.

US drivers are deciding to hold on to their vehicles instead of upgrading to new and expensive models.  In fact, of the estimated 300 million cars and trucks on our nation’s roads, almost half are over 12 years old. Twice as many used cars and trucks are changing hands, compared with those bought new.

As vehicles age they need more care and attention to keep them going. This is great news for your auto repair shop. It promises more business now and in the future.

The Auto Repair Industry Is Growing

It is significant that the number of people applying to vocational schools in order to become auto shop mechanics is on the rise. It is estimated that the majority of Gen Z high school graduates will enter trade school after graduation, and the same estimation argues that many will be interested in car repair as a career choice. For auto repair shop business owners, this means an entire generation’s worth of fresh hands will soon start working on a tune-up, a car inspection, or any other diagnostic that every car needs at some point in its life on the road.

However, this influx of younger, inexperienced workers in your auto repair shop also correlates with a greater potential for accidents right there on your business property. For instance, you can find yourself facing lawsuits relating to slip-and-fall accidents resulting in the need for medical care; employee injuries from auto shop accidents involving machinery, tools or equipment breakdown; physical damage to customers’ vehicles; negligent workmanship, bad advice; vandalism; defective products; and even theft.

Hazards Ahead For Garage Keepers

There are approximately 175,000 auto repair shops in the United States. More than two-thirds of them are small, family-owned businesses. But some say these garage keepers and auto repair shop owners are under threat.

Big companies are waking up to what you already know, and taking notice of the business potential of the auto repair shop. Established auto service and repair shop chains are expanding. And last year alone, big companies bought more than 500 local auto repair shops across the nation.

This number might not seem significant, especially as small business auto repair shops still account for about 65 percent of the repair shop industry. However it does indicate a trend that directly affects local garage keepers. Given that only about 40% of small businesses have liability insurance, not all local auto repair shops will survive any claims and lawsuits. As we all know, in a repair shop lots can go wrong, even with the best safety procedures in place.

Auto Repair Shops Are Going The Extra Mile

Most drivers prefer to send their vehicles for services at auto repair shops they have visited before. Because your small business goes the extra mile to provide a combination of good customer care and quality repairs, your auto shop is probably the first choice for auto service the family vehicle through the teenager’s first car.  Local drivers rely on you to get them back behind the wheel as soon as possible. Despite the hazards, your local repair shop is a vital part of your community.

Small Auto Shop Business Security

Comprehensive small business insurance coverage that is tailored to your auto repair shop needs will ensure that you have the competitive advantage you need to stay in business for many years to come. Auto repair insurance covers garage keepers and service centers found to be at fault for an accident that causes damage to a third party, customer, their property, or their emotional state. Typically, insurance claims against an auto shop can far exceed repair costs and so protective garage keepers insurance coverage is essential.

 Small Business Liability recommends a business owners policy (BOP) with additional insurance coverage specific to your auto repair shop needs. As your insurance company, we shop for the best coverage at the best rates. We help you save on insurance coverage by purchasing exactly what you need, and no more than you need. We also bundle your auto repair shop  insurance policies together through one insurance provider.

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Protect Your Reputation

Insurance protects against employees misrepresenting your company

Plan For The Future

Insurance protects against unforeseen risks

Lawsuit Protection

Vital protection in a litigious society

Prevent Financial Ruin

Insurance helps your business survive disaster

Get Peace of Mind

Insurance protects the little guy

We Help To Protect Your Small Business!

Common Claims Against Auto Repair Shops. 

What If It Happens To You?


  • breaches of security regarding credit card or personal information, otherwise known as cyber liability coverage
  • recalls or factory warranty claims for products you’ve provided
  • coverage of rental cars while your customers have their vehicles fixed
  • coverage against damage to customers’ cars under your care
  • personal or non-physical injury coverage for your auto shop customers
  • tow truck accidents that lead to property damage
  • bodily injury and resulting medical care
  • workers compensation
  • business interruption
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At Small Business Liability, we don’t do anything until we have assessed your auto repair shop’s insurance coverage needs. Once we have all the information about your small business, we shop for you.  We will provide auto repair shop insurance coverage that suits you best.

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Equipment Breakdown Coverage

This insurance coverage will typically apply to sudden and accidental loss. Wear and tear is not included in this type of insurance policy.

Loss of Income Coverage

This insurance coverage reimburses apartment owners for the loss of income due to damage by a covered loss (like fire or storm).

Commercial General Liability Insurance

This coverage protects business owners against claims of alleged or actual bodily injury or property damage to third parties.

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