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Commercial Auto Insurance

Using your vehicle just to travel to and from work is something that a regular Personal Car Insurance would cover; but as the owner of a business, your vehicle may be used for deliveries or to transport new merchandise to your company. You’ll be driving safely to your destiny with the right Insurance Policy securing your vehicle in case of an accident.

Commercial Business Insurance

If you own the property where your small business is located, you’ll need the right insurance policy protecting your building and assets. The Business Property Insurance offers coverage to valuable assets, such as an owned or leased building, equipment, or inventory from damages caused by theft, vandalism or an act of nature.

Worker’s Compensation

Because you never know the physical toll that one of your employees may have endured before going to work to your business, and it may just be that during one of his daily tasks, picks up a heavy box and rips a muscle. Worker’s Comp covers your most valuable assets: your employees.

Business Income Insurance

Business Income Insurance works with your Commercial Business Policy; and provides coverage for events that may cause a direct loss of revenue resulting from a shutdown in your business operations. This policy is also called Business Interruption.

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Small Business Liability is a liability insurance agency committed to providing the best coverage to contractors, freelancers, and small businesses throughout the United States.

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