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Contractor Umbrella Insurance

Contractor Umbrella Insurance

Small Business Liability recognize that this can be a difficult decision. We will help you determine the types and amounts of insurance you need.  We have the expertise to help you. A claim has the possibility to be being disastrous, and may exhaust the limits of your liability policies. Fortunately, we are here to help. Let us help you find the right coverage for your business.

Recommended POLICIES

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Property Coverage
  • Loss of Income Coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage

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You Have High Risk Projects

As a contractor, you sometimes deal with large projects, large equipment, and therefore large risk.  $1,000,000 is a standard General Liability limit.  It’s enough to satisfy many requirements as a sub-contractor – but is it enough? And, can you afford more insurance?

You get a higher limit of liability with a Commercial Umbrella policy. Such an insurance policy has 3 benefits. It can help you get better contracts, and can save you from financial ruin, and is affordable.

As a contractor you have high risk in the projects so you need a contractor umbrella insurance

5 Best Reasons To Get Contractor Umbrella Insurance

Protect Your Reputation

Insurance protects against employees misrepresenting your company.

Plan For The Future

Insurance protects against unforeseen risks.

Lawsuit Protection

Vital protection in a litigious society.

Prevent Financial Ruin

Insurance helps your business survive a disaster.

Get Peace of Mind

Insurance that protects the little guy.

Do You Need A Contractor Umbrella Policy?

The construction industry can be a higher risk industry. Often it takes a large loss for a small business owner to realize that contractor insurance is worth every cent. Or that you would be wise to get Contractor Umbrella Insurance.You could held liable if there is a serious accident or property damage. In such a case, will you need more than your General Liability Insurance?

The answer is, yes. Commercial Umbrella Insurance for Contractors provides Excess Liability Insurance for your business. This means protection beyond your usual Liability limits. A contractors Commercial Umbrella covers the same types of liability that your primary insurance policies cover.  It simply increases the coverage to a higher amount.  It acts as an “umbrella” above your underlying liability limits, such as General Liability, Commercial Auto, and Employers Liability  If your primary polices are ever exhausted, because of a large settlement, your Umbrella will cover any excess, up to the limit purchased.

Do you need a contractor Umbrella Policy

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“It will never happen to me!”


A Contractor Umbrella Insurance policy is there for your peace of mind.  This kind of insurance policy is not as costly as the underlying policies and yet it kicks in when the underlying policy is depleted.

This minimal expense could benefit you in many ways, and therefore, justify the cost.  Having a contractor’s Commercial Umbrella policy would allow your small business to grow and make additional profits as well.  Some vendors require a higher limit.  Why leave these contracts for the bigger companies, when you can access them with a Contractor Umbrella policy?

What if…

For example, an employee is driving a company vehicle to haul equipment to a job site, they have an accident and cause severe injury.  The accident is ruled to be their fault and a claim is awarded in the amount of $1,500,000.  Where will the extra $500,000 come from?   As the owner, you would be responsible for this.  What would that mean to your business? 

What Contractor Umbrella Insurance Do You Need?

A $1,000,000 Excess Liability Policy is Affordable.

The cost depends on the number of liability policies you schedule. Of course, again, it depends on how much you have to lose, and what your customers require.

The Commercial Umbrella can Extend Liability Coverage

Get coverage above the following types of insurance: • Commercial General Liability • Commercial Auto Liability • Employers Liability

Commercial Umbrella Insurance Reduces Risk

Although large judgments are not as common, they can be financially ruinous for your business. You should consider purchasing a Commercial Umbrella policy: for these reasons: • Protection from larger claims • Protection from potential financial ruin • Reasonable Rates • Helps you grow your business

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