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October 11, 2019

News About Computer Repair Small Business Insurance

Computer repair shops must be knowledgeable about different systems from multiple manufacturers. If you don’t keep up with new developments in tech, how will you do your job? Also, if any device that comes in for repair is damaged or mismanaged, or sensitive information is violated, customers can (and will) claim the damages from your computer repair business. Before you know it, you're over your head in legal costs.
October 10, 2019

News About Vintage Clothing Shop Insurance

Vintage Clothing Shop Insurance Will Never Go Out Of Fashion! Vintage apparel is big business for specialty clothing shop owners. These tailored and stylish garments from yesteryear are getting a second chance. But is this the case if anything happens to your vintage clothing store?
October 10, 2019

News About Tree Service Small Business Insurance

What Happens When A Small Business Has No Space To Move? Tree surgeons use power tools at great heights.  Sometimes, once they’re up the tree, they find that the space between the branches is small and awkward to navigate. Even in a safety harness or the comfort of a cherry picker, using that chainsaw is challenging. And on the ground, often they don’t have the option of clearing a large area around the tree.
October 4, 2019

News About Bookkeeper Small Business Insurance

Obviously as a bookkeeper, you work with sensitive information all the time, and of course money is involved. If something goes wrong in the business, especially financial-related matters the bookkeeper could be the one to bear the burden directly or indirectly, depending on what is involved. A professional liability insurance policy will add protection to your bookkeeping business.
September 28, 2019

News About Wedding Videographer Small Business Insurance

In 2011, a bride in Brooklyn NY filed a lawsuit against her wedding videographer. She claims he ruined her wedding video by dubbing in an unacceptable soundtrack. The video was played for the reception guests. The bride claims it caused her to have a nervous breakdown. She felt mortified in front of her guests. She is requesting the $12750.00 she paid be returned and $76,000 in damages. That videographer got it so wrong.
September 28, 2019

News About Moving Company Insurance

Starting a business isn’t as easy as you might think. Firstly, I found out that starting my own moving company had little to do with knowing how to load and move furniture. It’s a lot of paperwork. If I wanted to do paperwork I would have started an accounting agency! So I made my wife the office manager and she put herself and her brother on the payroll. We Started Moving Quickly. She took care of getting an EIN number and registering our business. She also set up the bank accounts and started using a nice little small business accounting software program. That program helped her set up payroll checks, tax withholding and workers compensation insurance. Soon she had everything running smoothly, even the advertising, accounts payable and receivable.