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Your business is one of 30 million small businesses in the US today. How do you get ahead with so much competition?  Your product or service might be superior to any others. You may be going the extra mile when it comes to marketing, location, knowledge, customer relations, or after-sales service.

Here’s a secret that most small business owners don’t know. There is a simple way to set your business up for success. Get small business insurance coverage.

Can it be this easy?

A recent survey of 30,000 SMEs found that 44% of small business owners have never had insurance at all. This means that most of your competitors are running their daily business completely uninsured. But why is small business insurance an advantage?

Small Business Insurance Gives You 3 Advantages

Do Business Better

Never underestimate the effect of stress on a small business owner. Worry about about what can go wrong, what is going wrong and what has gone wrong robs you of the energy you need to run or grow your business. With the right small business insurance coverage in place, your peace of mind will release you to focus on your business.

Get Big Jobs

Give your business a better chance of landing – and keeping – a big contract. When you are prepared for the fact that many contracts require that businesses hold adequate insurance coverage, you have an advantage over other small businesses because you are able to meet this non-negotiable contractual requirement.

Stay In Business

When your business is prepared for financial disaster, you won’t go under when faced with litigation. For instance, business interruption, injuries in the workplace, professional liability from bad advice and employee screw-ups, data breaches, theft, natural disasters may be inconvenient but won’t mean the end of your business.

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About A Business Owners Policy

Small Business Insurance, sometimes called commercial insurance is designed to protect your business’s assets, property and income. The most common policy for a small business is a business owners policy. It is designed for small to medium sized business with limited exposures. For instance, offices, small retail outlets or a specified number or service or processing businesses. Typically it includes:


General Liability Insurance

Necessary for all commercial businesses as it provides third-party bodily injury and property damage coverage. This form typically includes coverage for both premises and products and completed operations exposures.

Commercial Property Insurance

Applies to structures owned (or where coverage is required by lease) as well as fixtures, permanently installed machinery and equipment, personal property used in the course of doing business , furnishings, as well as inventory or stock.


Customize Your Cover

As a small business owner, you are encouraged to customize your coverage, based on your specific operation and needs.

Business Income Coverage  For loss of business income until your business is up and running in the event your property becomes uninhabitable after a covered loss.

Data Coverage Covers loss of sensitive data that may compromise your clients private information.

Professional Liability Sometimes called “errors and omissions coverage” is designed to defend and pay claims against actions taken that stem from their professional capacity and training.

Commercial Auto Coverage  Covers your vehicle for business use which is not covered in a personal lines auto insurance policy. If you use your vehicle in your business, you have to have commercial auto coverage.

Inland Marine Insurance Is designed to cover property generally considered to be high risk of theft or other causes of loss and is also subject to movement or transportation.

Trust Your Insurance Team. We’ve Got Your Back.

You are not just a number to us.  We take the time to assess your insurance coverage needs before we make any recommendations.

It’s our job to make your job easier, so let us shop for the small business insurance package that matches your business’s exact needs. 

When you work with one of our experts, you are working with someone who understands the risks of your business and how to cover them.

Our insurance agents who are not only knowledgeable in their field but are also able to navigate the risks associated with your specific business.

Fast turnaround time is a must if you ever need to revise the amount of coverage you have or need additional coverage or endorsements.

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So Why Don’t You Have Small Business Insurance Yet?

Are You Also The Victim Of A Bad Business Decision?

Small business insurance exists to protect businesses like yours from financial damages. Here are some of the myths that keep business owners from securing the advantages of insurance for their own business. Once you know better, you can make better decisions, right?

Seven Myths About Small Business Insurance

1. the YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT bad decision

You know that small business insurance isn’t required by law. So you choose not to bother. You’ll do it later, when your cash flow is better, or you have the time.

2. the PROTECT YOUR CASH FLOW bad decision

Your small business works with a tight budget. So you choose to lighten your expenses burden and forego insurance.

3. the NOBODY YOU KNOW HAS IT bad decision

So few small businesses spend on insurance, why should you be any different?


You don’t trust anyone to understand how your business works, so you don’t waste time asking an insurance agent for advice.

5. the YOU GIVE UP bad decision

You haven’t needed it, so why continue with small business insurance? You are one of the 21% who recently had insurance but have now been uninsured for 2 months.

6. the YOU’LL TAKE THE CHANCE bad decision

It’ll never happen to you, even though over 10 years, 40% of businesses will file an insurance claim.


Small business insurance policies are overpriced and insurance agents don’t know or don’t care about your business

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