Woman exercising in a pilates studio that has insurance against possible injuries.

Few exercises compare to Pilates in terms of acquiring tone, burning calories, and increasing physical stamina. Its popularity can be linked to how well it combines these three elements of exercise, and this popularity has made pilates studios thrive all across the world.

This rise in popularity, however, has given studio owners new reason for concern. They’ll often find themselves worrying about the associated risks. The potential for bodily injury is high if pilates instructors don’t know what they are doing or don’t take the proper measures to care for their customers. Additionally, many studios employ independent contractors, so the success of the studio is often dependent upon the skill and integrity of the contractors it employs.

Pilates studios don’t need to worry about third-party claims if general liability coverage is purchased at the same time that the studio makes its grand opening. Professional liability coverage gives studio owners the assurance that they will never have to suffer long-term financial losses should a customer or third party get injured and your studio is found at fault for it.

More about Pilates Studio Insurance

Pilates insurance is a type of liability insurance which specifically provides coverage for those who own pilates studios, as well as those who own health clubs that offer pilates courses. This insurance policy is also known as errors and omissions insurance, and it covers any damage suffered by a third party – both physical and non-physical.

Typically, the kinds of insurance coverage that general liability policies offer includes:

  • Incidents of bodily injury that result in lawsuits or medical expenses
  • Property damage, both personal and commercial
  • Sexual misconduct, molestation coverage, or physical abuse under the guise of instruction
  • Personal injury, or any injury of a non-physical variety that results in monetary loss, reputational loss, or mental anguish
  • Product liability, should your company offer a product that is deemed faulty
  • Studios offering pilates products which differ from the description that clients paid for
  • Mistakes made by full-time or part-time employees that result in said damages

How Much Does Professional Liability Insurance Cost?

The cost always differs depending on the individual variables associated with the insured party. Some of the most importantly considered factors include:

  • The additional insured entities on your policy
  • The number of fitness studios your company operates autonomously (or operates at)
  • Any previous business owner’s policy (or policies) that your company might have had prior to acquiring a professional liability insurance plan
  • The number of pilates teachers and personal trainers you have at your fitness studio
  • The age of your business
  • The requirements of your state and local laws
  • Your coverage limits

While it might seem tempting to pass over the monthly premiums you must pay toward insurance, it is important to get small business insurance for any business you might run. It will save your company’s reputation and finances in the long run.

Why Choose Small Business Liability for Your Pilates Studio?

Small Business Liability is the premier source for small business insurance in America. Our licensed insurance agents are passionate about providing our pilates customers with insurance quotes and services that honor the unique needs of their business. For more information, please contact us.

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