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Massage Liability Insurance

Seguro para masajistas

Massage therapists are in high demand due to the ergonomic stress desk jobs impose on the body. Massage therapy purportedly eases muscles into natural positions and takes the strain associated with office work and its physical labors away.

The work is not always relaxing for anyone involved — handling hot stones and consistently working with your hands make massage therapy hard work. And while many understand that massage therapy isn’t the easiest thing to take for a profession, the risk of bodily injury, property damage, and product liability is still a problem for even the best massage therapists.

Before you open up your practice, get covered with massage liability insurance from Small Business Liability. Having proof of insurance will help sustain your company through claims of accidental damage and liability.

What is Massage Therapy Insurance?

Massage Therapy Insurance is a type of general liability insurance which is specifically designed for massage therapists and massage practices. It allows those who practice massage to maintain the peace of mind necessary to work, to keep them from worrying about the potential consequences and risks of massage therapy practice.

Since massage therapy is a subset of medical practice that deals with the bodies and well-being of their clients, there is high risk that an accident will occur. Some of the most common accidents that massage insurance policies cover includes:

  • Claims of bodily harm and their subsequent medical payments
  • Claims of poor workmanship or claims that member benefits are not being honored
  • Any non-physical harm caused by professional massage therapists at a practice
  • Issues that arise from lacking a proper identity protection plan
  • Property damage or rental property damage

General liability covers clients and third parties if your company is ever found at fault for one of the accidents above. General liability insurance does not cover any of your employees, but speaking with an insurance provider like Small Business Liability can lead to package creation opportunities that will allow you to cover whoever you need to.

Want to discuss coverage limits with your insurance provider today? Call us to get started.

Insurance Coverage and the Law

In almost every state, there is usually some sort of law which requires general contractors to work with insurance companies on purchasing an insurance coverage policy. While this varies from federal worker’s compensation laws to individual state professional liability laws, it is important to make sure your company understands exactly what type of coverage it needs before signing on with any insurance programs.

Luckily, Small Business Liability is well aware of the federal, state, and local laws surrounding professional liability and we are ready to help your therapists and companies understand what massage therapist insurance policies can do, while helping you get compliant in the process. Not having coverage in a state that requires it could mean the end of your business — and no one wants that.

Do you want to be the best company you can be? You’ll need a professional liability insurance policy to do it. Luckily, Small Business Liability is ready to be your insurance partner. Contact us today for the best liability coverage rates the industry has to offer!

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