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Framing Contractor Insurance Options

If you’re still wondering whether you need insurance for your framing business, it might help to remember that injuries on a construction site rate higher than those in any other industry. If you are already convinced that you need to invest in new insurance coverage, or audit and update your current insurance policies, contact us for free quotes and good advice.

As a framing contractor you face dangers on every given day.  The 3 most common injuries for framers are struck by an object; trips, slips and falls; and being crushed. The majority of these framing injuries are preventable. On a construction job site, when it comes to working safe prevention is better than cure. This begins with training, and there are other safety measures framing contractors should implement.

5 Ways To Play It Safe At Work 

Here are 5 items that should be on your framing contractor safety checklist:

        1. Enforce ladder safety and keep extension ladders extended at least 3 feet past the platform.
        2. Equipment and materials should be kept at least 6 feet from the leading edge unless a guardrail is in place.
        3.  In addition to guardrails install toe boards to prevent items from falling from scaffolding.
        4. Train your workers, sub-contractors and carpenters in the proper use of pneumatic nail guns.
        5. All workers must wear appropriate PPE


Be Prepared With Framing Contractor Insurance Coverage

However, even with the best safety measures, accidents can happen. As a framing contractor be prepared with a fall rescue plan in place and train your workers in accident protocols. In addition a business owners policy is a must-have coverage you need to protect your framing business from liability claims arising from things like property damage; bodily injury and other work related injuries that require medical care;  theft;  and negligence. Your workers are required by law to have workers’ compensation insurance. It is essential that sub-contractors provide you with proof of insurance, naming you as additional insured.

If you or your framing business is deemed at fault for an accident on the job, you are legally required to cover the damages. Because damages often cost more than a framing contractor can pay out of pocket, general liability insurance covers those costs. Even if it turns out that it was not your fault, the cost to defend yourself can run in the tens of thousands of dollars. This money will come from your pocket if you have not invested in a business owners policy.

Reduce Your Risk With Framing Contractor Insurance

Typically, a business owners policy includes two or more types of insurance coverages, packaged together in one policy, usually General Liability Insurance and Commercial Property Insurance. Depending on your framing business’s particular needs, additional insurance could include commercial auto insurance, inland marine or umbrella liability for protection on the job site. Having the right builders risk insurance coverage can prevent your framing business from entering into a long period of financial difficulty, if not complete liquidation.

Small Business Liability is an experienced insurance company. We know to look at your needs before we suggest any insurance policy. Small Business Liability works with your framing company to make sure that you are both complying with the law and getting the most for your money. If you can’t always prevent accidents, you can always prepare for them with a general liability insurance policy at your disposal. If you are confused about what kind of insurance you need, just give us a call.

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Commercial General Liability Insurance

This coverage protects framing contractors against claims of alleged or actual bodily injury or property damage to third parties (these include visitors, tenants, delivery persons, etc.). The general liability coverage is important in protecting you from lawsuits.

Loss of Income Coverage

This insurance coverage reimburses framing contractors for the loss of income due to damage by a covered loss (like fire or storm).

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

This insurance coverage will typically apply to such equipment breakdown. The loss must be sudden and accidental. Wear and tear is not included in this type of insurance policy.

Insurance requirements for contractor businesses of any size are determined by state and local law. This means that in some instances, it might not be necessary for your company to pay for liability insurance.

However, it is highly suggested that for the sake of your own peace of mind to obtain liability insurance regardless if it is required by law or not. Everyone intends to operate their business in a safe manner, but accidents happen to even the safest and most cautious  businesses.

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