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DJ Liability Insurance

DJ Liability Insurance

The formidable disc jockey – a sorely underrated profession that is used by so many Americans for both professional and private events. Many will say that “anyone could do that job”, but being a DJ takes a lot of skill and has a lot of associated liability risks. Whether it’s due to property damage or bodily injury caused by a fog machine hardly matters.

When things go wrong during a DJ event, they can really throw off your professional image and the small business reputation that your DJ business has grown into.

That’s why it’s important to get DJ insurance as soon as you start your own business. Having a specialized liability insurance policy can mean the difference between a successful long-term business and a failed side project.

Recommended POLICIES

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Property Coverage
  • Loss of Income Coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage

We will find the best coverage at the best price for your specific business and needs.


What is DJ Insurance and Why do I Need It?

Most people understand that insurance coverage acts as a security blanket that you pay into. Eventually, it will be used to cover any accidental damage. Health insurance covers accidental injuries or health issues, and general liability insurance for general contractors covers damages that may be done to a client or third party.

DJ liability insurance is a type of business insurance that pays for accidental damage that you are found liable for. Insurance companies who specialize in disc jockey insurance work with small business owners specifically, as they understand the associated risks and elements of the way that they do business.

Why have a Painting Contractor Insurance

5 Best Reasons to get DJ Liability Insurance

Protect Your Reputation

Insurance protects against employees misrepresenting your company.

Plan For The Future

Insurance protects against unforeseen risks.

Lawsuit Protection

Vital protection in a litigious society.

Prevent Financial Ruin

Insurance helps your business survive disaster.

Get Peace of Mind

Insurance protects the little guy

Typically, Specialized DJ Insurance Will Cover

General liability policy law varies from state to state. If you live in a state that does not require some form of DJ insurance coverage, it is tempting to forego it. However, it would be wise to think about it like this: If you opt out of coverage, you are opting out of the long-term success of your business. Proof of insurance not only covers you in the event of a significant accident that your company is at fault for, but it also proves your willingness to maintain a professional image, which could be a selling point for clients who have safety as a forefront concern.

  • Bodily injury in the event that DJ equipment or personal property has unintentionally created an unsafe environment
  • Crime coverage should you provide services for a venue in a high-crime neighborhood
  • Auto liability for mobile DJs
  • Coverage for potential lawsuits based on poor performance
  • Property damage that is caused by improper set-up or activity during an event

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What Does Liability Coverage Cost?

The cost of a certificate of insurance varies from business to business, even in the DJ trade. Some of the things that insurance agents examine when it comes to setting up an insurance premium include:

  • How many people are employed by your Disc Jockey company
  • Your accident history
  • Where your company is located
  • How far you and your employees must travel in company vehicles in order to work
  • The tenure of your business

In the great scheme of things, the cost of DJ insurance is much less than the cost of potentially losing your business after getting into a situation where you need liability coverage and don’t have it.

For more information about how DJ insurance can help secure your business, or for an idea of how much non-specific insurance carriers might charge for a policy, reach out to one of our licensed insurance agents at Small Business Liability. We’ve helped hundreds of DJ’s get the coverage they need to be successful.

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