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One of the most daunting tasks of owning any business is determining what kind of insurance is necessary for your field of work. When the general liability of your job (see builder’s risk) is incrementally higher than most, insurance is an absolute necessity from day one. According to OSHA, 20.7% of private industry fatalities in 2017 were in the construction industry. That’s not long ago, and the trend continues. With numbers that high, small business owners in the construction industry are vulnerable without adequate insurance coverage.

Let’s break down some of the reasons for construction insurance and the benefits they provide to a small business.


Start With A Solid Foundation Like A Business Owner Policy

As professionals in the construction industry know, most clients won’t hire your company for a project if you don’t have proper coverage.

Business owners Policy (commonly called a BOP) includes two or more types of coverages, packaged together in one policy. Typically this includes General Liability Insurance and Property coverages. The BOP is designed for the small to medium sized business with limited exposures like a specified number or services.


Custom Built Additions To Your Construction Company Insurance Coverage

The specific services your company offers will determine the type of construction insurance needed. Naturally, small businesses in different industries need different coverage. For that matter even small businesses within the construction industry can require specific additions to their business owner policy.

Additions can include worker’s compensation that covers employee medical bills (mandatory in most states), professional liability (protects company from lawsuits), and builder’s risk (covers any construction damage, therefore decreasing the builder’s risk). It seems like a lot, but we will put together the right bundle for you at a price that you can afford.

Getting the right business insurance at the right price may be intimidating.  You certainly don’t want to pay for services that you don’t need, neither do you want liability coverage that proves to be inadequate. No one wants to find out that although they are up to date with their premiums, they are under-insured. Our services do not end when you purchase your insurance coverage. As your construction business expands, it is wise to increase your insurance coverage as well. Find out how we can help to protect your business now and in the future.

But Building Site Accidents Only Happen To Other Construction Companies. Really?!

Is your construction company prepared?

To avoid legal fees or paying out of pocket, professional liability insurance would ensure you avoid or minimize the cost associated with employee malpractice. Also, you must consider how much you’re covered under your plan. Depending on the extent of the damage, a client may seek more than your business’ insurance covers. In a case like this you would have to cover the leftover balance yourself.

What if …

Your company has been hired to do roof repair for a client. A couple days after the job, the client notices that there is a water leak in his attic and uncovers a small hole in his roof that was overlooked. The leak has caused damage to his house. He sues your company for malpractice. Now what?”

What Construction Company Insurance Do You Need?

Business Owners Policy

Includes two or more types of coverages packaged together in one policy. BOP is designed for the small to medium sized business with limited exposures like offices and small retail outlets.

Builders Risk Insurance

Covers any construction damage, therefore decreasing liability risks for your small construction company.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

This coverage has 3 separate parts, damage from an accident to covered items, damage to other property of the insured as a result of the accident and loss of income due to the damaged items covered.

Commercial Auto Coverage:

Covers your construction company’s vehicles.
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