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Auto Body Shop Insurance

Auto Body Shop Insurance

Everyone who owns a car or a motorcycle will probably need to get it repaired at least once when it is in their possession. This is the nature of vehicle ownership. It is how people who operate repair shops and auto body companies make their living. However, when customers trust your body shop with some of their biggest investments, they expect you to do the best job every time. When accidents happen, having a trusted insurance company and general liability policy can mean the difference between keeping you from going out of business or incurring large out of pocket losses.

Small Business Liability offers business insurance that covers all aspects of your repair shop, including customers, products, and employees. Do not forego insurance coverage due to the price or the complications that supposedly come with it. Working with our insurance agents will guarantee you the coverage you need to maintain your business for years to come in the event of an unforeseen occurrence.

About Body Shop Insurance Coverage

There are many types of insurance which are applicable to body shops. One of the most important insurance coverage types for establishments like these is general liability insurance. This covers any incidents of damage done to third parties or customers property. These incidents can be of a physical, reputational, or emotional nature. Let us assume that a customer’s vehicle is destroyed while it is under the care of your auto repair shop. Chances are that you and your shop will be held liable for the damages. With the right insurance agency and proper coverage, the costs that arise from the damages done to the customer’s car will be covered if you have the proper policy.

General liability is perfect for simultaneously protecting customers and maintaining a professional image. But business owners have more than just their clients to think about when it comes to insurance coverage. For instance, general liability insurance does not resolve the need for workers’ compensation. There is also the need to cover your property, equipment and business income in the event of a loss. These policies are affordable and can be obtained with very little hassle.

Why Get General Liability Insurance for My Auto Body Repair Shop?

There are many reasons why getting insurance coverage is the best option for small businesses. Initial benefits include , obtaining greater peace of mind during day-to-day operations, and preventing business interruptions. State and local laws often require some form of insurance program or business owner’s policy prior to starting your business. failure to have coverage can result in hefty fines and temporary loss of work, which proves that the benefits outweigh the costs.

The worst risk a business owner takes when refusing to acquiring liability insurance, however, is the potential loss of the business itself. Liability claims can cost thousands to millions of dollars. Even if you did nothing wrong the attorney’s fees to defend yourself can be substantial even if you win.  Even if somehow you had the resources to pay for such a claim out of pocket, the risk is to great not to obtain at least a basic General Liability Policy.

Small Business Liability supplies specialty insurance to any type of business that seek coverage, including auto body shops. There is nothing good that can come from a moment in which you are left without insurance in the event of an accident. So take the first step in avoiding such a fate and work with one of our business property insurance or general liability insurance agents today to get free insurance quotes on the services you need to get vehicles back out on the road.

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