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Adult Clothing Store Business Insurance

Adult Clothing Store

Owning a clothing store specific to adults is simultaneously a risqué and risky business. Business owners are required put their trust in the products of other companies in order to maintain their reputational image. Because you cannot predict the outcome of others’ actions, obtaining liability insurance is such an important part of starting your small clothing business.

There are many legal hoops you must jump through, but having right business insurance company by your side can give your company the competitive edge and the protection it needs to succeed as a long-term business.

More About Business Liability Insurance for Adult Clothing Stores

Small business insurance for adult clothing stores is a type of specialty insurance which covers these boutiques if their business is found at fault for an accident.

Adult fashion stores see many different types of clientele, which puts their business at risk every day. Some examples of what might be covered under a clothing store’s business insurance include:

  • Crime insurance in case your stock is stolen after a large customer order
  • Bodily injury sustained at a store location because of one of the adult clothing products
  • A customer or third party’s personal property was stolen or damaged on store property
  • Harm done to a rented business property (rented property belongs to a third party)
  • Employee dishonesty which results in either business interruption or a data breach
  • Reputational loss or emotional damage due to someone at your business or something your business caused

Anything that your company has legal liability over is included in clothing store business insurance. While retail business insurance covers many events, there are always more specific and more effective insurance policies for different aspects of your life. Some of the things that your business insurance policy will not cover include:

  • natural disasters, as well as “acts of god” like warfare
  • workers compensation insurance, as well as employee life insurance
  • equipment breakdown or equipment theft, if applicable to your business
  • certain types of businesses (check with your insurance agent)

Insurance cost is impacted by a number of different elements, but can be lessened by bundling insurance packages like worker’s compensation, commercial auto insurance, and employee health insurance together into one comprehensive package. Small Business Liability is ready to help you make the most of your potential with our clothing store insurance packages.

For more information about what Small Business Liability can provide for your business, or for a free quote, we encourage clothing store owners like you to contact us today. We’ll help your adult apparel store save thousands of dollars by educating you on how to practice good risk management, providing you with superior liability protection, and giving your store the competitive advantage it needs to stay ahead of the competition.