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September 14, 2019

News About Landlord Insurance and Retirement

Landlord insurance lets you reap the benefits of your home rental business without the threat of liability claims and disasters swooping down and absconding with your profits. Hi, I’m Pat from PJ Properties and this is my story. Our family invests in real estate by buying small, single family homes as rental properties. We rent them out to qualified tenants. How did we start? We kept our own starter home when we upgraded to a bigger personal property. Because we had kept it, we could then rent it out. Along the way, we bought more rental units as investment property. It’s how we put our kids through college and now it’s our retirement cushion.
September 9, 2019

News About Property Managers Small Business Insurance

Being a Property Manager is No Joke. Property management insurance frees you up to carry out your job quickly and efficiently. This is because you have peace of mind. However, the reality is that many property managers are under extreme stress. Rather than face the cause, they have grown used to living with it. One of the core sources of their stress is a black cloud of fear lurking at the back of their minds. They are afraid of a law suit threatening their personal assets. Sadly, for many, lawsuits and claims could become their reality. Is this you? What can you do?