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November 16, 2019

News About Small Business Insurance

Small business insurance protects you against these 3 common lawsuits. There are almost 30 million small businesses in the US today. Small businesses like yours are regularly sued by other businesses, their customers and their employees, and litigation amounts to more than $100 billion each year. Let’s look 3 of the most common lawsuits that small business owners face. In each case, you’ll be thankful that you’ve got small business insurance in place.
November 15, 2019

News About Pollution Liability Insurance

5 Things you need to know about pollution liability. Find out about the dangers of environmental pollution for your small business. Everyone is responsible for taking care of the environment. So, don’t be surprised if a customer, another business, a nonprofit or a government agency sues your small business for environmental pollution. In the United States, pollution-related claims made against small businesses used to be covered by general liability insurance.
November 14, 2019

News About Handyman Business Insurance

Can saying NO protect your handyman business?  Why would you say no to new projects?  As every tradesman knows, sometimes it is better to leave opportunities than to grab them and all the trouble they bring. Here are some other times your handyman business is likely to say no to a job:
November 14, 2019

News About Construction Projects Insurance

4 Ways To Protect Your Construction Company. Is your construction company characterized by seemingly unending chaos? If your projects and job sites are getting out of hand, you are not alone. There are thousands of construction companies around the world going through the same—but there are steps you can take to remedy the situation. We’ve all been there before, and this insightful piece can help. Let’s jump right into it
November 12, 2019

News About Roofing Business Insurance

What To Do When A Customer Threatens To Sue? Follow these DIY Tips to protect your roofing business. As a business owner in the construction industry, you probably have first-hand experience in dealing with threats from customers. Sometimes they have unrealistic expectations about what a roofing business can and can't do. There are also those difficult or opportunistic customers that small business owners have all come to know. No amount of great customer service, personal attention, or top quality work on the job site will shake them from the idea that your roofing company owes them
November 3, 2019

News About Hair Salon Insurance

A Strong Case For Hair Salon Insurance. Many people look forward to getting the best when they take a trip to a hair salon. It's like a mini getaway. Relax and be pampered: what's not to like? Tricia W, a Makeup Artiste from Wilmington has a different story to tell. I must warn you, it's not a happy one.
November 3, 2019

News About Retail Business Insurance

When It's Time To Stop Window Shopping --  Store owners need to get serious about retail business insurance coverage! Is the brick and mortar retail business here to stay, or should you just pack up shop?  The retail industry is transforming. New technology and changing consumer behavior is making it difficult to know what to do next to protect your business.
October 20, 2019

News About Dog Walker Business Insurance

DYK you can use your dog walker business insurance as a marketing tool? Clients love to know that you are a responsible person. Find a need and fill it. This is a good start to entrepreneurial success. Starting a dog walker business may have its origins in volunteering as a dog walker for friends or neighbors. It could be a natural extension if you work for pet sitters or doggie day care type businesses. Doing the actual job only requires that you love dogs, are comfortable handling them, and know how to keep them out of trouble. However, starting a dog walking business requires some serious planning and - don't forget - dog walker business insurance.
October 20, 2019

News About Wedding Planner Small Business Insurance

Newsflash: Behind the scenes at a wedding isn't all fun and games. Be ready for anything and more with wedding planner insurance or else you could be out of business. Being a wedding planner or event planner under your own name makes you a small business owner. That means a whole different side to the events from the fun of flowers, food and music. Naturally, as a small business owner of an events company you'll need liability insurance for when things go wrong.
October 11, 2019

News About Computer Repair Small Business Insurance

Computer repair shops must be knowledgeable about different systems from multiple manufacturers. If you don’t keep up with new developments in tech, how will you do your job? Also, if any device that comes in for repair is damaged or mismanaged, or sensitive information is violated, customers can (and will) claim the damages from your computer repair business. Before you know it, you're over your head in legal costs.