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November 24, 2019

News About Auto Repair Business Insurance

The auto repair business is a thriving one in the United States.  Yes, it is a booming business, which means that there are lots of opportunities for an auto repair business. However, as a small business owner, you’re already aware that there are risks associated with operating your auto repair shop. Every business has its fair share of dangers, and auto repair isn’t excluded. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that last year more than 13,000 mechanics were injured
November 23, 2019

News About Asbestos Removal Insurance

Asbestos Fiber Is A Silent Killer! How do you know that your home, school, church or office building is safe from deadly asbestos? And why should you care? Cancer, that’s why.  Asbestos that is disturbed releases undetectable fibers into the air, and these fibers are silent killers. Damaged asbestos material releases harmful fibers that remain in the air long after they are disturbed. These fibers cause asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. What asbestos removal insurance do you need?
November 15, 2019

News About Pollution Liability Insurance

5 Things you need to know about pollution liability. Find out about the dangers of environmental pollution for your small business. Everyone is responsible for taking care of the environment. So, don’t be surprised if a customer, another business, a nonprofit or a government agency sues your small business for environmental pollution. In the United States, pollution-related claims made against small businesses used to be covered by general liability insurance.