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December 8, 2019

News About Artificial Intelligence For Contractors

The big question is whether artificial intelligence for contractors is going to replace construction jobs at the same rate it is already replacing and displacing jobs in other industries. Yes, it's not a case of IF, it's a case of WHEN. It is only a matter of time before the construction industry increases its absorbency rate of technology. Other industries such as transport and manufacturing are already experiencing a massive increase in productivity as a result of the adoption of AI. Like you need to worry about more risks on the construction site!
December 1, 2019

News About General Contractor Insurance

If you have been in the construction industry long enough as a contractor, you are not new to the communication challenges contractors face with different architects. The fragmented nature of the construction industry is such that once the construction project is completed and closed out, the contractor hands over the project to the client and moves on to another project, with a new consultancy team. For this reason, contractors continuously face challenges in understanding new architects in every new project they undertake.
November 23, 2019

News About Women In Construction Insurance

Are Men Making Space For Women In Construction? There are lots of opportunities for women in the construction industry, despite the various challenges you are bound to encounter along the way. The construction industry is a male-dominated field with women making up only 9% of the total workforce. While the numbers are slowly increasing with the adoption of policies that advocate for gender balance in the work place, women in construction sites are still faced with lots of challenges.
November 22, 2019

News About Independent Contractor Insurance

How do you work around other independent contractors on a busy construction site? The construction industry is comprised of a complex system integrating many small independent contractors and consultants working together concurrently for the fulfillment of a common goal. For a contractor, this would mean working together with other contractors throughout the course of the project. Inasmuch as you may be hired as an independent contractor, you still legally owe a duty of care to the other contractors you work with in the project.
November 14, 2019

News About Handyman Business Insurance

Can saying NO protect your handyman business?  Why would you say no to new projects?  As every tradesman knows, sometimes it is better to leave opportunities than to grab them and all the trouble they bring. Here are some other times your handyman business is likely to say no to a job:
November 14, 2019

News About Construction Projects Insurance

4 Ways To Protect Your Construction Company. Is your construction company characterized by seemingly unending chaos? If your projects and job sites are getting out of hand, you are not alone. There are thousands of construction companies around the world going through the same—but there are steps you can take to remedy the situation. We’ve all been there before, and this insightful piece can help. Let’s jump right into it
November 12, 2019

News About Roofing Business Insurance

What To Do When A Customer Threatens To Sue? Follow these DIY Tips to protect your roofing business. As a business owner in the construction industry, you probably have first-hand experience in dealing with threats from customers. Sometimes they have unrealistic expectations about what a roofing business can and can't do. There are also those difficult or opportunistic customers that small business owners have all come to know. No amount of great customer service, personal attention, or top quality work on the job site will shake them from the idea that your roofing company owes them
October 10, 2019

News About Carpenters Small Business Insurance

Carpenters insurance can do more for your small business than you think. The peace of mind that comes with the right liability coverage will give you the confidence to commit to bigger and better projects. As the owner of a small carpentry business, you’ve probably seen your own set of disasters. If you’ve been in the business for a while, you probably know that you can never be too careful because things can go wrong both in your workshop and on site.